We’ve all started stuff. We like working with companies that are starting stuff.
— Anthony McTaggart

Operations As A Service.

Anthony Joseph Consulting, LLC focuses on project development and fractional operations for small & medium business. With our team we bring Leadership, Development, Information Technology, Design, Logistic, Project Management, and Communications skill sets to our partner brands.

Client engagements can consist of short- and long-term commitments. We don’t clock watch and bill by the hour, but we do use a pie chart to make sure we have the bandwidth to work with you.

What AjC is working on

When we run out of slices In the pie dish, we stop taking on new projects. We wont work on projects or teams we don’t believe in.

In Summary:

We Are Mercenaries For Hire

We Embed On Your Team

We Are Loyal

We Get Wins

Contact Us Below Before It Hits The Fan

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