I'm Anthony McTaggart

I co founded the organization Andson (www.andson.org) in 2009 to promote social mobility to youth through curriculum in personal financial education. It has been more than 8 years now, and I'm proud to say that we have impacted thousands of youth across the country. Our latest effort will be an LMS to train teachers and scale this impact. Build values in youth, create new-generational wealth and prosperity, and change the economics of every community, one student at a time. 

I have worked at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on a few fronts. Most notably, I built one of the first courses of it's time - Technology in the Public Sector. There is no reason why systems and trends should only be utilized for consumer behavior in the private domain. Let's get local communities and governments doing more for citizens through the channels and communications they experience every day. 

The idea of the 21st century city isn't new - communities have been assembling teams and rethinking local politics and legislation to reimagine their respective cities for years. We just can't do it fast enough. For that, I helped created the Masters of Urban Leadership at UNLV's School of Public Policy and Leadership. The inaugural class graduates in 2018. 

I've also had the opportunity to work in Online Education, where we are rethinking how students interact online. How can we take the best parts of the classroom experience, and relate those to students digitally? It was a fun and exciting opportunity. 

From 2015-18 I served as the President of the Nevada Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy - where we were able to be a voice that helped pass the Nevada Legislation for SB249 regarding financial education being required for grades 3-12. 

I love technology, love the public sector, and would welcome new projects and opportunities. Connect with me and let's see what we can build next.